We don't just style, 
We disrupt.

In the heart of hip-hop fashion, where style and rhythm collide, Monica Morrow and Boz Bradshaw have been quietly transforming the aesthetics of some of music's biggest icons. With a combined experience spanning over two decades, this dynamic duo has been the invisible force behind the memorable looks of hip-hop heavyweights like Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Cam'ron, and Jay-Z during their peak times.


The foresight to anticipate and invent trends, creating unique style narratives that transform mere clothing into captivating fashion statements.


The infusion of life and energy into fashion, leveraging bold hues, striking patterns, and audacious designs to orchestrate compelling and engaging looks.


The stylistic fluidity to adapt to varying aesthetics, seamlessly blending styles, trends, and personal expressions to curate a distinctive fashion identity for each project or individual.

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At the crossroads of music and fashion, we construct visual narratives that challenge the status quo, shaping trends that are as unique as they are bold. Embodying Vision, Versatility, and Vibrancy, our style signatures are the rebels of mainstream fashion.


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